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Space Management

Architectural Plans
Space-centric CAFM processes in all modules
The Space Management (SM) module provides a relational database to store and maintain detailed information about each property in your portfolio whether this be a single building or thousands.

Tightly integrated with all other FM Server modules, the Space Management module maintains a virtual model of your portfolio that is defined at site, building, floor and room level where the related data is used throughout the suite for the following:
  • Reactive maintenance and planned maintenance processes to define the location of a particular event or scheduled maintenance activity
  • Tracking and managing the location of individual assets
  • Asbestos management and automatic alerts in the reactive and planned maintenance processes
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) processes
  • Recording and tracking the location of events in the Security Incident Management processes
  • Booking, management and delivery of catering and hospitality services
  • Integrated calendar management for event scheduling and room booking
  • Integrated calendar management for enterprise scheduling activities including academic timetabling
The Space Management module can also be employed in integrated Space Planning solutions for large corporations and public sector clients so that all space data is managed remotely within a Space Planning system at another location or even another country and synchronised in real-time whenever changes are made by the space planning team.

If you have any particular space management, space planning or BIM requirements you would like to discuss please contact us.

  • Relational database for capture and management of site, building, floor and room level space data
  • Integrated with RM and PPM maintenance processes
  • Integrated with asbestos and asset modules to indicate asbestos and health and safety risks for all spaces
  • Platform for BIM solutions - provides a pathway for CAFM integration with industry standard CAD file formats
  • Facility to upload documents and drawings associated with an individual space

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