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Asbestos Management

Asbestos removal
Integrated asbestos register and risk management reporting
The FM Server Asbestos Management module is an easy-to-use asbestos register database application that enables you to view and manage your asbestos material, risks and priorities information.

Asbestos survey data can be held for a single building or an entire property portfolio containing 100's or even 1000's of buildings across multiple sites. The specific location of asbestos containing materials is identified at room level and searchable at any space level (i.e. by site, building, floor or room), so your asbestos risk can be managed based on the priority level determined for individual items no matter where they are located.

The Asbestos Management module also enables users to:
  • Download survey reports directly to your PC in Adobe (PDF) format making it very easy to email or print your asbestos register
  • Provide access to staff, contractors and operatives as required for health and safety compliance and general maintenance activities
  • Receive automatic email notifications and alerts when re-inspections and reviews are due, ensuring that you never let your asbestos information become out-of-date
We can also provide custom data conversion services for corporate, public authority, residential social landlord (housing association) and other users with large estates and large volumes of historical survey data.

Asbestos Management System ASP Service

For customers that need an online asbestos register database but not the other capabilities in FM Server, X-RM also provides exactly the same functionality and benefits in our Asbestos Management System service.

Whether you are a small business or a large organisation with many properties our Asbestos Management System service delivers the same powerful solution as an online service where use is based on monthly, quarterly or annual pricing related to the number of properties managed.

Because it is an ASP (Application Service Provision) service hosted and managed by X-RM, there is no software to install or any updates, data backup or hardware to manage. You simply use the system - anywhere and any time. Your historical asbestos survey data can also be imported and new surveys input directly by your asbestos surveyor.

To learn more, visit our dedicated Asbestos Management System website or contact our sales team.

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  • Easy to use interface and controls
  • Database stores all required data for type I, II and III surveys and re-assessments
  • View data for material and/or priority assessments in separate or combined surveys
  • Intuitive colour coding of asbestos items to indicate risk band and priority
  • Filter and view data by building, survey, item or asbestos sample
  • Fast, easy drill down to look in to the full history of individual items and associated samples over multiple surveys
  • Powerful search facility to locate asbestos items by building, floor, room, risk/priority, product types and dates surveyed
  • View and download your asbestos survey reports as PDF documents
  • Built in the latest Microsoft .NET and SQL Server 2008 technologies
  • Direct integration with other X-RM FM Server modules
  • View and download your asbestos survey reports in printable PDF format
  • Based on MDHS 100 and HSG 227 standards
  • Used by UKAS accredited asbestos surveying and inspection companies


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