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  • Facilities Management Software

    Facilities Management Software

    X-RM is a leading provider of web-based CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) software solutions to clients in the private and public sectors.

    Our product and service offerings for the FM marketplace include:
  • FM Server

    FM Server

    Our web-based, integrated suite of CAFM applications includes Reactive Maintenance, Planned and Preventative Maintenance, Space Management, Asset Management, Asbestos Management, Condition Survey Management and Permits to Work, as well as Security Incident Management and Catering and Hospitality Management.

    The user friendly, process driven interface makes FM Server easy to use by Facilities Managers and contractors alike with minimal training.

    You receive a CAFM solution tailored to your needs and rapidly benefit from streamlined processes and easy deployment.
  • Real-time workflow

    FM Server - Real-Time Workflow Processes

    FM Server is an intuitive and browser based suite of integrated facilities management applications that changes the way organisations use FM systems and enables users to interact remotely through real-time processes.

    The X-RM FM Server suite replaces or compliments other property management systems by providing web-based, workflow processes for managing online fault reporting, planned and project related activity, contractors, internal maintenance teams and other functions in a simple, user friendly and highly configurable manner according to the specific requirements of individual customers.

    You view the real-time information you need and benefit from real-time saving in your facilities management operations.
  • Integrated space and activity data

    FM Server - Integrated Space and Activity Data

    FM Server enables the space-centric recording and planning of activities, be they reactive or planned maintenance tasks, asbestos or condition surveys, catering and hospitality services or security incidents.

    You maintain a complete picture of what is scheduled, in progress or has been completed, exactly where and when.
  • Multi-language function

    FM Server - Multi-Language Function

    FM Server provides full multi-language support for any language so that your business data from different locations may be consolidated.

    You achieve a global view of your FM operations,
    in more ways than one.
  • Asbestos Management Service

    Asbestos Management System ASP Service

    Our online asbestos register service enables large or small clients with a single building or many thousands to view, analyse and manage their asbestos survey data and risks with point and click ease.

    The AMS service also provides a central system and workflow based processes for Asbestos surveying companies to capture and maintain survey data, generate PDF survey reports and automatically send re-inspection reminders to all of their clients.

    To learn more about our service, please visit our
    Asbestos Management System website.
  • Space Planning

    Space Planning and Enterprise Scheduling

    X-RM has partnered with international market leaders in space planning and enterprise scheduling management systems to provide total CAFM solutions that integrate these capabilities with FM Server.

    You can share and utilise essential data across an even broader range of FM processes and activities.
  • Building Information Modelling

    Building Information Modelling (BIM)

    X-RM works closely with our expert consulting partners to provide BIM solutions to the construction industry and property managers, enabling users to manage every aspect in the planning, construction and life-cycle management phases of public and commercial building projects.

    You can build your FM information and processes quite literally from the ground up.
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